The Natural Health Clinic


Individual Treatments - at the Croydon Clinic

Hot Wax Footbath: The heat obtained from our wax treatment provides a tonic for dry skin conditions, arthritis and poor circulation. it is very relaxing and a tonic for aching feet. Ideally it should be followed by our foot massage.

40 mins From £20.00

Reflexology "taster": Using the reflex zones of the feet, most clients will benefit from this introductory session. Not only will it help revive stress and relax the body tensions, it may also act as a diagnostic tool to identify areas of the body in need of some attention.

30 mins From £30.00

Extreme Perspiration: The problem of excessive perspiration in the feet has a chain reaction, which translates into a proliferation of fungus on the feet causing that uncomfortable smell many of us know. This odour is passed on to the shoes and then remains as an unsolvable and embarrassing aesthetic problem. This treatment together with home care will assist in solving this condition.

30 mins From £18.00

Aroma-Exfoliation for feet and calves: Massage away your dead skin, moisturised with Organic Aromatherapy oils, feel smooth and revitalized.

30 mins From £14.00

Moisture infusion: Dry skin is a common problem, especially for diabetics. This is a rejuvenating and deeply moisturising treatment available through "micro-current" or "hands on" therapy.

30 mins From £18.00

Therapeutic Foot Massage: A good foot massage helps exercise all the joints, cramped by shoes all day. It aids continuing mobility and helps Bunions, claw toes and general joint pains. It is beneficial for diabetic feet and arthritic conditions as it improves circulation.

15 mins From £12.00

Hydro-detox Spa: Hydro-detox Spa treatment is given via the foots 2000 pores as an efficient way to Detox and balance the Bio-energy of the body's cells. Cleansing and Revitalizing.

60 mins From £30.00

Cracked Skin: This effective treatment deeply moisturises and helps regenerate dry tissue, therefore alleviating pain caused by cracked skin.

From £20.00

Pedicure or manicure: shape nails, Cuticle treatment, exfoliating massage, aroma- spa and vanish or buff nails.

60 mins £30.00

Nail cut:

15 mins From £14.00

Please be considerate. 24 hours notice is required for alterations to appointments. Appointments of more than 1.5 hours require advance payment and 48 hours notice for alteration. Fees may be charged for late alterations.