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Beauty Treatments - Only at Croydon Clinic


A highly personalised selection of facials specially designed for your skin type:

Hydrating: Intensively moisturise, firms and tones, protects and conditions.

60 mins £35.00

Clarifying: Rebalance excess oils, detoxifies and clarifies, cleans and freshens.

60 mins £35.00

Sensitive Skin: Using natural products to protect sensitive skin.

60 mins £35.00

Non-Surgical facelift: Mineral powders & enzyme boosters siimulate circulation and increase blood supply to help muscle tone. Followed by a pH-balancing moistuliser to complete giving a lift and firmness to the skin.

60 mins £35.00

Non-sugical facelift massage: A unique blend of acupressure and lymphatic drainage massage to tone and lift the face naturally.

60 mins £35.00

Executive Facial: For those with a tight schedule. Cleansing, Treatment mask and moisturising.

30 mins £21.00

Galvanic Micro Current Facial: Intensive facial to lift, tone and rejuvenate the appearance of the face improving muscle tone, reduce lines, wrinkles & puffiness, cleanse and hydrate the tissue of the face and neck.

90 mins £50.00

For long-term Toning benefits we recommend a minimum course of 12 and a maintenance programme.

Course of 12 £504.00
Course of 16 £608.00

Toning (non-surgical face lift)

Monthly Maintenance

60 mins £35.00

2 weekly intensive maintenance

30 mins £21.00

'Micro Current' Moisture Infusion: For dry and mature skins needing deep moisturising. Ideal addition to other treatments.

15 mins £15.00


From £15.00

Deluxe Manicure: File, cuticle treatment, exfoliating massage and varnish or buff.60 mins

Manicure: File, cuticle treatment, massage and varnish or buff.45 mins

Mini Manicure: File and varnish or buff.30 mins


From £16.00

Deluxe Pedicure: Sand hard skin, file, cuticle treatment, exfoliating massage, aroma-spa and varnish or buff. 70 mins


Please bring your flip-flops when varnishing nails.

Sand hard skin, file, cuticle treatment, massage and varnish or buff.45 mins

Mini Pedicure: Sand hard skin, file and varnish or buff.30 mins


(Colouring requires a patch test minimum of 24 hours prior)

Brow tint only15 mins   £6.00

Brow shape & tint30 mins £13.00

Lash tint30 mins £12.00

Brow shape & lash tint40 mins £20.00

Brow shape / tint
& lash tint45 mins £23.00

Inch loss & weight reduction

(Gaia Form 3)

(fat melting)120 mins £65.00

Lymphatic drainage
(Expel fat/toxins)60 mins £40.00

Both together180 mins £90.00

Physiostimulation (Gaia Form 3). For those unable to exercise, can tone and firm your muscles whilst reading a book.
Physiostimulation (muscle toning).

per 30 mins £20.00

Inch loss & weight reduction and Physiostimulation require a telephone consultation for contra indications prior to your first appointment.


(using the hygienic phD system)

Full leg & standard
Bikini line75 mins £32.00

Full leg & extended
standard Bikini line95 mins £36.00

Full leg 45 mins £25.00

3/4 leg 40 mins £22.00

1/2 leg 30 mins £18.00

Full arm & under arm60 mins £25.00

1/2 arm30 mins £16.00

Under arm20 mins £11.00

Eye brow shape20 mins £8.00

Eye brow maintenance15 mins £6.50

Lip (upper)15 mins £6.50

Chin & lower lip20 mins £8.00

Lips & Chin30 mins £14.00

Brows, lips & Chin40 mins £18.00

Face - cheeks20 mins £8.00

Bikini line:

Standard 20 mins £11.00

Extended Standard 30 mins £15.00

Brazilian 45 mins £22.00

Hollywood (all off) 50 mins £28.00

Hair trim before waxing £5.00

Waxing for men

Full back or chest 45 mins £25.00

Neck & shoulder 30 mins £20.00

Hair trim before waxing £5.00 - £10.00

Other areas P.O.A

Please be considerate. 24 hours notice is required for alterations to appointments. Appointments of more than 1.5 hours require advance payment and 48 hours notice for alteration. Fees may be charged for late alterations.